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On September 19th, Ms. Guerrero, the operator of Best of Elk Grove was contacted with a cease and desist request from a local attorney, requesting the competition end due to his clients demands. So as to avoid spending time and money on a competition which has no financial gain to Ms. Guerrero, she elected to end the competition.


After the matter continued to proceed, Ms. Guerrero retained Jonathan G. Stein, a local attorney. Mr. Stein has reached a resolution where the attorney has agreed to drop the proceedings and there is no longer any dispute between the attorney, any of his current clients and Ms. Guerrero.


Ms. Guerrero has decided to bring back Best of Elk Grove in 2018. Ms. Guerrero noted that she has funded the Best of Elk Grove competition from her own money, including website hosting, marketing, printing, and voting software. She has never charged anyone to participate, and that would continue in 2018.


Ms. Guerrero said "I want to thank the business owners and community who stopped by my office, called, posted or emailed me expressing their support. That’s what true community is and I sincerely thank you."


Ms. Guerrero noted that no one has ever paid to receive a certain ranking or end up in a certain position in the final rankings at anytime in the last 9 years.


Finally, Ms. Guerrero noted that while some people believe her clients win, this is simply not true as she would not jeopardize her clients, her own or the competitions reputation. According to Monica Wolf of Sylvan Learning of Elk Grove, "We have been happy clients of Krista's for the last few years and have participated in the Best of Elk Grove competition for the last nine years. We did not win in 2016 nor in 2017."


Ms. Guerrero noted that in any future competitions, despite being a small business owner in Elk Grove, she will not be a contestant in the competition.  Further, additional rule changes will occur before the 2018 contest.


Ms. Guerrero stated that "I do it for the businesses. I know how challenging it can be to run a small business and the competition is really there to support them and give them a platform, all while having a little fun do it. Winning or losing the completion doesn’t matter, the important thing is your listed and people see your business. We have a lot of great businesses in Elk Grove and I just wanted to help showcase them."


Mr. Stein stated that the website will go live shortly and winners for 2017 will still be able to obtain certificates. "We believe that Ms. Guerrero ran a fair competition and, like any competition, not everyone will win nor be happy with the results. We appreciate the community not rushing to judgment about this matter. In the end, this is a fun competition that should not be considered anything other than fun. We are glad that several individuals who reached out to me have had their issues addressed and understand the spirit of the competition," Mr. Stein said.


For further information, please contact Jonathan Stein at 916-247-6868 or jonathan@jonathangstein.com

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This competition is meant to be fun for all who participate and to give exposure to all the great businesses Elk Grove has to offer.