Celebrating the Businesses of Elk Grove

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you associated with the Best in Business or any other Online "Best of" awards?

No. If you receive an email notifying you that your business has won an award that includes a press release and/or an offer to purchase a trophy - Its a phishing scam. We highly recommend that you do not engage in any way with these websites as they are fraudulent. Here is an article from the BBB discussing these types of businesses - Click Here!

How do I enter my business in the Best of Elk Grove?

Please read though our How to Participate page and Competition Rules.


Do you charge any fees to participate?

No. The competition is FREE to any business, organization or individual that meets our requirements.


When is the voting portion of the Best of Elk Grove Competition?

August 1st through August 31st (annually)


Why should I have to have an Elk Grove Business License to participate in the competition?

With the competition growing each year we need to have an effective system in place to confirm that registered businesses are legitimate. We don't have the time or manpower to scour the Internet or make phone calls to ensure the business is still open and legitimately doing business in Elk Grove. This is the most efficient way for us to verify businesses and to continue to keep it fair for all who want to participate. City of Elk Grove Business License - Any business that is conducting business in Elk Grove can get a license whether they are just physically located here or just doing business. The cost of a General Business License is $13 - Register Here.


Why can only one person vote on my computer?

To keep the competition fair we are track all ballot submissions. This allows us to ensure that only one person can vote per computer, tablet, smart phone or shared network. This prevents anyone from abusing the competition and falsely submitting multiple ballots.


Do you have marketing tools for me to use to promote my business?

Yes. We have have Marketing Tools available to download for you to use with many different options for print or web.


When will the Best of Elk Grove Winners be announced?

 Winners will be be live on the website as soon as we are finished tabulating the ballots.


Who receives a Winners Certificate and Window Cling?

The top 3 winners in each category based on their place will receive a printed certificate, window cling and badges for web and print use based on their place. A form will be posted along with the winners list to order their printed certificate and window cling. We won't print any orders placed after the deadline.


Who puts on the Best of Elk Grove?

The competition was launched in 2009 on the community website, Elk Grove Online. In 2014, Kreative Design / Marketing took over the competition to continue the tradition and now facilitates and funds the contest each year.


Why isn't there a Best of Elk Grove Party this year?

We've hosted a Party / Fund-raiser each year since 2009. We have seen in recent years the influx of community events and non-profit fund-raisers in Elk Grove and we recognize that businesses have difficulty trying to support all of them. Going forward we are no longer going to host a party after the competition. We want to focus more on being a platform for businesses and offer more visibility.


Funded and Facilitated by

This competition is meant to be fun for all who participate and to give exposure to all the great businesses Elk Grove has to offer.